Kurtz Orchard Romance :: the story of Heather and Dave

Kurtz Orchards, Niagara on the Lake


One foot in Toronto and one foot in California – Heather and Dave’s relationship started with a whirlwind – their first date lasted longer than most and they both said their feelings were pretty instantaneous but how would the distance work? I can’t tell you the story of what those long flights back and forth, lonely nights and joyous reunions but I can tell you that their wedding day was absolutely glorious and magical. It was the stuff of fairytales and there aren’t any words that I can use to properly describe it – the love was so present and perfect that I could have (and did) cry tears from how moving it was. They celebrated, danced, laughed, cried and held each other with such joy that capturing their love was truly an honour. You can see when they look at each other just how much tenderness and caring there is between them.

Kurtz Orchard has it’s own magic – with lush grounds, orchards, views and quaint corners where you might feel like you have stumbled into a fairytale. I love the way the light comes through in different areas and how the outside comes into the inside spaces. I couldn’t have imagined a more breathtaking place to celebrate the magic between these two…







Thank you to Heather and Dave for choosing me to tell their story and to Erika from Ten2Ten Photography for coming out and second shooting with me!


Venue: Kurtz Orchards

Florist: Wine Country Florals


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Jordan Valley Camp Wedding

Shane + Tiffany

A tale of two families

“On the day of her sister’s wedding Tiffany made a passing comment about the day she would get married – she told me that the only thing she knew for sure was that she wanted me to photograph it – seven years later it finally happened in a way that most might not have foreseen. Under a sky that threatened to rain (again) Tiffany and Shane exchanged vows in a way that was so simple and effortless that it definitely fit their love. Who would have known 7 years ago that Tiffany would be standing up for her sister on her wedding day and sharing duties with the man that would one day be her husband.”

I feel like it must be said that it is one of the most difficult parts of marriages: to marry two families and two backgrounds together is a delicate balance. Thankfully for Shane and Tiffany this is actually a process that started many years ago – as Shane’s brother married Tiffany’s sister! The two families were already well acquainted and get along famously – so when Shane proposed the age old question of how the families were going to work was already answered. If that wasn’t enough let me just say – you can pretty much tell from the photos just how much Shane and Tiffany are head over heels in love with each other. Truthfully, though in as much as Tiffany knew 7 years ago that she wanted me to take her photos – I knew that I wanted to be her photographer. I so loved being a part of their day and can’t wait to show them their photos – here are the teasers for now!


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A Grand Victorian Wedding

Hillary and Ryan

Niagara on the Lake Wedding set at the beautiful Grand Victorian on the grounds of Reif Estate Winery

“She was nervous, not about marriage but about everything coming together, about guests seeing her before the ceremony, and about having everyone’s eyes on her. Really there was only one person who’s eyes she wanted to see, one person who’s hand she wanted to hold; Ryan’s. We went through the process of getting ready and the current was always there – she just wanted to see him – he just wanted to know how she was doing. As she walked across the veranda of the Grand Victorian – Hillary started to tear up, Ryan was wearing a big smile and was positively vibrating – the anticipation of their first look was exciting and overwhelming. She made the quickest walk up to him and from the moment he turned around and they arms went around each other you could tell that was they had both been waiting for.”

A wedding is not a marriage – it is a celebration and symbol of the beginning of a marriage and people often talk about how much they have dreamed of their wedding day. The dream seems to be taking on a different shape though these days. Instead of just the “Brides” day – Grooms are being more vocal about what they want and decisions that are made. A lot of my Brides and Grooms are also tending to be more private and shy like Hillary and Ryan are. Looking to do things like a private first look, omitting cake cutting or garter/bouquet toss and have shorter speeches all requiring less time in the spotlight for them and more time visiting and enjoying your guests. Choosing intimate venues like the Grand Victorian that allow you to have a more personal feel. No decision is perfect, normal or right in every instance – it’s more about what is right for the two of you and I am so happy to be a part of more days like Hillary and Ryan’s that truly focus on what they wanted and were comfortable with.

I was prepared for it to rain most of the day, which would be fine because of the beautiful porch at the Grand Victorian. I was even ready for a thunderstorm to make it rain side ways but it was divine intervention that delivered such a beautiful and warm (read: hot and humid) day that was perfect.

On a personal note – I knew that Hillary was meant to be my client from the moment she recognized the quote on the wall of my office. A girl after my own heart she grew up reading Anne of Green Gables like me, is a Potter head too and right now her and Ryan are in the same place that my husband and I went for our honeymoon. I couldn’t be happier that they picked me for the honour of photographing their day and I’m really happy with the photos from the day.

Special shout out goes to Mandy; my assistant for the day who really did a wonderful job and as always was a joy to have a long 🙂

Now for photos because I know that the newlyweds are still checking in while enjoying Tofino!

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Venue: Grand Vic @ Reif Estates

Catering: Robin Howe Catering

Flowers: Mum’s Garden Floral Studio

Hair and Makeup: Mobile Bridal Beauty

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Chateau des Charmes Wedding


I love photographing Chateau des Charmes Weddings – after working there quite a bit and photographing the weddings of two staff members it kinda feels like coming home. I also love when Natalie (the coordinator) recommends me to couples and then sends me a separate email that basically says that the clients were made for me.

Nothing could be more true about Dan & Jess – they are among two of the gentlest and relaxed couples I have ever had the honour of working with – nothing phased them – not even the incredible heat wave that we were having that day.  They woke up together, relaxed, went for a swim and that pretty much describes how they spent the day; together. Like two magnets these two are drawn to each other – not as opposites or yin and yang but rather as two souls that are so similar that the only probably outcome was for them to end up together; it was destiny. From the way they just fit together, look at each other, and hold each other – it was all effortless and truthfully it was very easy to photograph their day. Who else wouldn’t even blink as I climbed into the fountain – not just once but twice – in my defence though it was for a photo. I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon and enjoy these images when they get a chance to check in!

Also a special shoutout to Brianne who braved the heat with me – so much water was drunk and laughs had – lucky to have had her along for this ride with me for just about 8 years now. She did an awesome job and kept everything light hearted! Now on to the photos…









Hair and Makeup: Beyoutiful Brides

Preparation Location: White Oaks Resort and Spa

Ceremony & Reception Location: CDC

Officiant: Niagara Weddings by Sheldon & Judy

Florals: Cathy Martin Flowers

Decor: Simply Beautiful

Entertainment / DJ: Liquid Entertainment

Catering: Vintage Hotels


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Amelie + Chris :: Destination Wedding :: Domaine de la Barive

I can’t describe these photos – there are too many and they feel like living and breathing things to me. I have never before posted this many that I had to lower the quality slightly and normally I try to go through and lay them out but I just didn’t want to delay sharing them anymore. I decided to skip ahead through the champagne reception and head straight on over to the reception at the Domaine de Barive. The party was hopping, the music was great and there was so much love


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